Do you value your documents? Jalema does!


When you bind your documents, you create order and organization. The JalemaClip is a flexible attachment mechanism which has enjoyed unequalled success for many years thanks to its high-quality features.

The JalemaClip can be used both in work files and loose – for example for emptying lever arch files.

Why JalemaClip?

  • Sheets can be removed or inserted in less than no time.
  • Perforation holes cannot tear.
  • Leaf through like a book.
  • All of the pages can be read.
  • Make copies without having to remove the sheet.
  • Saves space (the file or folder is no thicker than the contents).

How to use the JalemaClip?

See here how to use the JalemaClip.


With every box or retail pack of JalemaClips you receive free File lifters. With these you can move your documents from lever arch file to file box in a single movement. The File Lifter consists of two simple red slide-on connectors which act as a further extension to the JalemaClip extension piece and which are placed on the file mechanism. You then put the entire stack in the file box and can still enjoy the advantages of the JalemClip, such as easy copying and removing or inserting sheets.

See here how to use the File lifter.


JalemaClip is available in a number of versions. A Clip for every need:

JalemaClip The Orginal


Jalema Archiefkit

Perfect for bundling documents For permanent storage For emptying lever arch files and efficiently archiving the contents
JalemaClip JalemaClipex Jalema Archiefkit

JalemaClip Stickup

JalemaClip Plus


Self-adhesive Ideal for creating categories in lever arch files Physical and digital information together in a single file
JalemaClip Stickup JalemaClip-Plus DiFyClip