Keep an overview with the Atlanta-app of Jalema!


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Jalema launches the Atlanta business forms on the market! To support these business forms, Jalema proudly brings the Atlanta app to the market: a unique app to keep track of all your business activities! This way you can be sure that you will not lose all relevant forms. You can easily find and download the forms, at any place and any time.

Suitable for all business forms
The great advantage of this app is that it is suitable for all Atlanta business forms. It doesn’t matter if you want to record  which visitors have been in your company, how many kilometres you have driven with your company car or which receipts have been issued. The app provides an overview of all forms in one overview.

It's very easy to work!
The app is easy to use and applicable for both iOS as Android. As usual, you can keep your business activities on the business forms. Then you open the app on your phone and scan your form. The app automatically saves it into the right group. At a later time, you can quickly find and retrieve all forms again. The app is a handy way to keep an overview in all your company forms!