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Secolor Tree-Free | Pocket File | Folio

Secolor Tree-Free

The traditional Secolor file but with a twist. The Secolor Tree-Free line is produced with cardboard that is made from agricultural waste. Yes, you are reading this correctly, agricultural waste! The cardboard is made from leaves and stems that normally would be burned in the open air. Not a single tree is used in these files! 

Together we take care of people and the environment! Trees don’t have to be cut down, agricultural waste gets a second life and farmers earn more for their harvest. Go Tree-Free!

  • A lot of agricultural waste is burned in the open air which results in CO2 emissions. By recycling agricultural waste into cardboard, it gets a second life and the CO2 remains stored in the cardboard.
  • The environmental impact of this cardboard is 47% lower than cardboard from trees and 29% lower than recycled cardboard.
  • By buying these folders, small-scale farmers in developing countries receive income not only for the crop but also for the agricultural waste.
  • No trees are used in this cardboard    

Product specification:

  • Intended for the loose-leaf filing of documents that cannot be per forated (such as photographs, original documents and folders).
  • Double gusset on the short side to tightly secure the information.
  • Top is covered with a large flap.
  • Contents do not need to be removed from the Pocket File to be viewed.
  • Storage capacity: 30 mm.


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Brand Secolor Tree-Free
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Base width 230
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