Jalema integrates people with disabilities

The Jalema Assembly Group (JAG) consists of 30 employees with intellectual disabilities. In 1998, the idea originated to have people from various institutions work with us. We had the space, it was simpler logistically and it was also a step forward for the people: they were able to really go off to work and became very much a functioning part of active society. You see people truly change, their joy in life increases, they feel at home and that is absolutely something beautiful to observe.

The advantages of the JAG:

  • The process can be literally seen in its entirety, from beginning to end
  • Meeting customers from all over the world
  • Instructions aiding in the ability to work independently
  • Targeted additional education
  • Learning to think and work socially and commercially
  • Pleasure, humour and enthusiasm is the foundation of our success

Who works there?

There are approximately 30 people employed by the JAG. They all have been recommended for daytime activities, some for full time, and others part time. There are eight staff members, including professionals, interns and volunteers. 

Where are we located?

The JAG is located in an office building that was bought about 15 years ago by Jalema. This office building has been transformed into a work environment divided into multiple work areas where people work five days a week, from 9:00 until 16:00. The orders, mainly for file folders from Jalema are made here.

When was it founded?

The JAG has existed since February 16, 1998. Having run a successful first test year, a definitive agreement was signed. They have been an integral part of Jalema since then.

Why was it founded?

In 1998, the director of Jalema’s warehouse had the idea to avoid outsourcing Jalema’s simple manual work and to keep it within Jalema. This had logistical advantages for Jalema and for the participants of the JAG. This meant the JAG participants could work comfortably in a real company, with the intention of integrating socially and as members of a work force into society. Work is done with enthusiasm as the basis.

Participants may work if they like, but nothing is mandatory!