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Otanra Clip File A4

Otanra Clipfile: in PP: navy

The Clip File perfectly combines attached and loose-leaf filing. There is a pocket on the left on the inside that holds 5 to 10 mm of materials. The pocket closure can be easily adjusted from 5 to 10 mm to accommodate the thickness of the contents. The inner right side is equipped with a JalemaClipex and holds 15 to 20 mm. The contents are protected by an additional cover flap on the right side. The elastic band covers both corners, keeping the contents neatly in place. There is a transparent pocket on the front (inside dimension: 61 x 92 mm) with a thumb index and indicator strip.

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Certificaten Nee
Kleur Nee
Production process Nee
Base hoogte 318
Base breedte 235
Base EAN 0
Base meeteenheid KG
Base lengte eenheid MM
Base lengte 0
Sales package unit 25
Sales unit n.v.t.
Sales EAN 8713739256496
Sales verkoopeenheid CS
Sales UMREN 1
Sales verkoopeenheid NL doos
Sales verkoopeenheid NL afkorting DS